I believe in farmers markets. I believe in butter. I believe in real salt. I don't think there are any "bad" foods. I think what many people consider food is a bad chemistry experiment sold in a pretty package. I believe everyone has individual needs...what works for some doesn't work for all. I think that refined sugar is killing us. I believe in sipping tequila with lime. I believe synthetic medication is over-used and over prescribed. I believe in the power of herbs and essential oils. I do not subscribe to any fad diets that you can call by name. I believe that our bodies are powerful and, with time and effort, have the ability to heal themselves. I believe in the joy of life. I believe that as a society we can turn this health crisis around. I believe in a food revolution. I believe in us.

Have you tried the new ‘Stop Eating Crap All the Time’ diet?
— Unknown

Katy is Certified Nutrition Consultant and the owner of Hoog Holistic Nutrition. The beginning of life is when we have the best opportunity to impact health for a lifetime. This is especially important preconception, during pregnancy, and in the "4th trimester." Katy shares her holistic approach to creating an optimal foundation for a healthier next generation. Katy is native to New Orleans, but now lives in Spain with her husband and son.