You're ready to throw out the junk and repopulate that medicine cabinet with high quality essential oils. Nice work! The best option is to get your oils wholesale because it will save you time, effort, and money.  Make sure the company you decide to purchase from has the highest quality, purity, and environmental standards. 

Why I do dōTERRA

I spent a year researching essential oil companies before I decided to "do" dōTERRA. My decision was based on their quality (they are POTENT and so much different than anything I had ever used before), their environmental stance, and their social arm that helps local communities around the world. There was a bonus that I discovered after setting up a wholesale account: this company has an awesome compensation plan. I could actually make good money doing something I'm passionate about.

An MLM, really?


Participating in a Multi-Level Marketing company has amazing benefits, provided it's a good one. And dōTERRA is oh so good. Creating my own business around dōTERRA means I get to talk to and educate people about something I love...I do that anyway. Why not generate income doing so. If you work for a company, it means you're selling their services, no matter what the structure. There's no point sticking your nose up at an MLM. All it means is that you will have tons of flexibility working for a company that YOU choose and everyone in the business has ability to profit well...not just the guys at the top.

Wholesale account

A wholesale account with dōTERRA costs $35 to set up. This fee is waived if you start with an enrollment kit. The kit is the way to go anyway because you're going to want a variety of oils to play with. Check out the kits here. Some of the benefits of the wholesale account compared to buying at retail:

  • 25% off of retail
  • free product when you purchase $125 worth each month (this is easy to do!)
  • the ability to build a lucrative business
  • education and support from my team

When you sign up for a wholesale account with dōTERRA, there is no obligation to purchase or sell. There's no way to lose on this one.

There's also the option to buy at retail cost without signing up for an account. You can do this any time at my online store:

Ready to do business

When I originally signed up for an account, all I wanted was to get my oils wholesale from the best company. I love to share my experiences with family and friends so I knew I would talk about it but didn't want to get involved in the business. I did not need one more thing on my plate.  And then I realized I was enrolled in one the best teams in the company and had a great opportunity to build this business doing what I was already doing: sharing my love for the product and educating people on the benefits of using essential oils.

If you believe in creating a better way of living for yourself and those around you, I would love to share this opportunity with you. Get in touch with me and let's go. We'll clean out one medicine cabinet at a time!